Level 6 SAT english
Level 6 SAT maths
Won scholarship to St. Joseph's, Ipswich

"I think one of the best accolades I could give Richard is to say that Leo looks forward to his lessons and is always amazed when an hour has gone by so quickly."


"I enjoyed my tutoring sessions every week as not only are they helpful, they’re also fun to be involved in. I really recommend him"


Won place on catering course at Suffolk New College

"Richard's input and ability to coach and tutor has given my son the ability to produce work far beyond what his previous school had predicted"


PGCE qualification passed

"His infectious enthusiasm, knowledge and motivational skills make him an outstanding tutor and I simply cannot recommend him enough."


Place won at Keele University

"It has been a wonderful journey with him and I won’t forget a moment. Here’s to a wonderful mentor and a truly caring friend!"


"I would highly recommend Richard as a tutor to all, and will continue to use him to improve our son's education going into senior school."


5 A grades in SAT English and Maths
Moved to top set in every subject for high School

"I would not hesitate to recommend Richard in the role he has taken, it is an amazing job that he has done and still does for our son on a weekly basis."

Piers Davies

Promoted to Captain

"Informal and informative, Richard has a patient and passionate style, which creates a great learning environment."

Thomas & Jason

Promoted to top set in English

"He has got a good result in the exam recently."


Promoted two maths sets to top set

"Aidan has now been moved into the top maths class. Fantastic result for Aidan, but also for Richard!"


Won scholarship to Royal Hospital School

"Once our son had met him, he was immediately engaged. Richard leveled with him and communicated on his level"

Hannaya Watts

"Richard always turns up enthusiastic, very cheerful and with great passion in his teaching."