Psychology Tutor

Psychology is my favourite subject. I love it. And you are going to love it too! It was my chosen subject at degree level, and rarely a month goes by where I don’t polish off another book on this fascinating subject. The beauty of being a psychology tutor is not only does the course content excite and stimulate just about everyone who studies it, but it’s great to use as a foundation to teach wonderful personal development skills.

A Level Psychology and GCSE Psychology

A Level psychology and especially GCSE psychology are new subjects for most schools. Consequently, the course content seems a little more modern and thought provoking than some of the other subjects. It’s not just good enough to know that Sigmund Freud had some wacky ideas about child development, you’ve got to know how they fit in to everyone’s life. As I teach psychology, I make great efforts for all my students to really understand what the psychologists are saying, and how they can use these insights to better their lives. After all, we all have minds, why not learn to use them better?

Finding the Right Psychology Tutor

Even though there is relatively small demand for effective psychology tutoring, I do tend to prioritise psychology lessons as they give me the greatest satisfaction to deliver. Take a moment to look at what my previous students thought of my psychology tutoring; then, if you’re ready, book your first completely free session.