Physics Tutor in Colchester and Ipswich

Being a physics tutor is both tricky and beautiful. On the one hand, getting across the sense of awe I feel when looking at some of the more magnificent branches of physics (such as quantum physics, relativity and the stars) is a job I both love and take very seriously. On the the other hand, provoking the same enthusiasm from my students when it comes to studying the more tedious details necessary to tutor GCSE physics can be a worthy challenge. As an adult I have cherished the time spent absorbing physics books, lectures and audiobooks, and so see a responsibility to transfer that same love as I tutor physics to the next generation.

My Approach to Physics Tuition

For GCSE physics tuition it’s usually the best course to follow a good textbook chapter-by-chapter, skimming over the sections already mastered whilst focussing on any problem topics. If we are studying in good time, I also like to pull some videos and articles from the internet to show my students what our scientists are discovering beyond the GCSE physics syllabus. As for A-Level physics tuition, I’m still learning the syllabus, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking students at my full rate. However, I’d certainly be happy to offer my limited services at a reduced rate. I’m available to tutor physics In Ipswich, Suffolk and Colchester, Essex and the surrounding areas of East Anglia and in Central London. If you’d prefer to see your physics tutor at his home, I’m happy to take my students at my home in Dedham, Essex.

Finding the Right Physics Tutor

As with learning any complicated subject, to be a good physics tutor you have to put the relationship first, so getting to know and trust each other is always my first priority with a new student. Feel free to take a look at my testimonials section and see what some of my previous physics students have said; then, when you’re ready to book send me a message through my contact page.