Maths Tuition

Call me crazy, but I really enjoy tutoring Maths. Maths is something that on the outside looks hugely complicated, foreign; and as if you need some sort of ‘maths genius’ brain to understand it. Yet, in reality it is so very simple. I enjoy maths tutoring so much because it’s the fastest subject to achieve radical results in. I’ve seen students in the lower reaches of their year group catapult to the top in months just because they started looking at maths from a more skilful perspective.

What’s the secret with maths tuition?

The secret is actually rather simple: Don’t buy in to the scariness of maths! That’s it. Once a student begins to look at a mathematical problem as fully solvable and completely within their ability, the questions then begin to fall like dominos. I think the reason why people put so much stock in the scariness of maths in the first place comes from the often pretentious terminology used (Find the perpendicular line to the adjacent of angle theta anyone?), and, particularly in girls, too much pressure in primary school maths classes. These two traps build maths up to be something only extremely smart people can do, where my experience has shown me that truly anyone can do it.

Finding the right maths tutor for you

Ultimately, for maths tuition to work the student and the teacher must really like each other. Once the two see each other eye to eye, as equals, then the knowledge really will flow effortlessly. I’ve tutored, and still tutor, many students in mathematics all the way from SATS to GCSE (both lower tier and foundation). Why not take a look at what some of my students have said about my maths tuition, or if you’re ready, book your first completely free no strings lesson.