Entrance Exams Tuition

Entrance exams can be a daunting process. There are often very few learning resources online or from your target school; the syllabus is usually non-existent or ambiguous; and there is a lot of pressure to deliver results on what is obviously a life changing examination. Furthermore, very few mainstream schools teach the specific course content and exam skills that students will need to pass the entrance exams. Getting in to a prestigious school can be a wonderful thing, and it is worth building every advantage possible.

How I Tutor Entrance Exams

The key to effective tutoring with entrance exams is to establish a strong ‘why’ for my student. When the student is excited to go to their target school, all manner of barriers can be charged through. I regularly see even very young students passionately motivated in their entrance exam studies when they deeply want to attend their target school. As a former student of the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, I know important it can be to pass an entrance exam. On top of motivating my students, I provide materials and teaching for the specific syllabus of the entrance exam – which is often a year or two ahead of their school progress. Recently, two of my students not only passed their entrance exams, but also earned scholarships. Bertie Rose won a sports scholarship at the Royal Hospital School, and Leo Bignall won an art scholarship at St Joseph’s, Ipswich.
Bertie-resizedBertie won a sports scholarship to the Royal Hospital School
profile9_leoLeo won an art scholarship at St. Joseph’s College

Finding the Right Tutor for Your Entrance Exams

If you’re ready to begin your entrance exam tuition, perhaps look over my testimonials. Then, contact me for your first completely free lesson. Even if you don’t take out my services, I’m certain I can give you plenty of critical tips to help you along the entrance exam journey.