Chemistry Tuition in Colchester and Ipswich

When I’m tutoring chemistry, I often see my students looking with utter perplexity at it. I can see why; chemistry has its own clever symbols, methodology, tricks and gimmicks that would confuse anyone unless they had first been explained. The trick, therefore, is to slowly and carefully explain the unique language chemists use to describe their world (rather like a music sheet or algebra), then the concepts underneath are exposed for their true nature – easy! Because chemistry tuition fascinates me so much, I often find it too tempting to show my students the exciting new developments in modern chemistry, and how they progress from the material in school syllabus. Despite satisfying my excitement, I like to think it also creates a nice broad appreciation of the subject.

How I Tutor Chemistry

As an A-Level chemistry tutor I usually follow the course textbook quite closely since most of the topics are quite specific. However, with GCSE chemistry tuition, which has slightly broader material, it is often better to discuss the material more generally so that a holistic understanding of chemistry is developed. Then, past papers and end of unit tests are given to measure how well the knowledge is retained, and to show me which areas to tutor next. I tutor chemistry in the East of England, usually in Colchester and Ipswich and the surrounding areas, and also in Central London. However, I’m also happy to tutor Chemistry in my home in Dedham, Essex.

Finding the Right Chemistry Tutor

Getting through all the tricky techniques and strange symbols is much easier when a tutor and their students can speak as friends, so I put a friendly relationship as my first priority. If you’re looking to start your chemistry tuition why not check out my testimonials section; then, when you’re ready, arrange our first lesson in the contact page.