Business Studies Tuition

Business Studies is a popular choice for A-level, and although there are GCSE Business Studies courses available, most students first tackle this subject in sixth form. The novelty of this course has good and bad sides: The novelty of the material can bring a psychological ‘fresh start’ and give a student a chance to correct habitual bad form from previous academic years; however, a completely new course means there is a lot of new content to work though. Nevertheless, at the gateway to university – and perhaps working life – a grounding in business can offer an advantageous opportunity.

My Approach to Business Studies Tuition

A unique advantage I bring to business studies tuition is that I am a businessman. Since 2006 I’ve started six different business and can boast both success and failure (as well as a little of the wisdom which can now discern between them). Almost all my friends are entrepreneurs; we all live and breathe business. I, therefore, tutor Business Studies with passion and real life anecdotes, and as a result is one of my favourite subjects to tutor. On top of this, providing immediate feedback to written work, discussion of business concepts and going through past papers are proven tutoring tactics. I also make use of a business vocabulary book, as much of the course content requires learning business language.

I would rather like to mentor a student through his own business startup, perhaps mirroring a Business Studies course or even as part of general life mentoring.

Booking Your Business Studies Tutor

If you’re looking to boost your child’s grades and understanding in Business Studies, perhaps take a look at my Testimonials page. Then, if you’d like to take a completely free with no obligation first lesson, Contact me and we can discuss the ways I can help.