Biology Tutor in Colchester and Ipswich

One of the perks of being a biology tutor is being able to share a passion for a subject that deeply interests me. Ever since I studied A Level biology in sixth form, I’ve always found a fascinating completeness in knowing how the various proteins, fats and other bits and pieces come together to make the great dance of life we see (and see with) every day. In particular, genetics and genetic engineering never fails to grasp my attention, and I do like to keep a watchful eye on the monthly advances our scientists make in this field. I love biology, and so I love to share passion for it. Unfortunately, it’s not just the glamorous parts of biology which are included in the GCSE and A Level syllabus, and sometimes we are forced to delve in to things like plant anatomy or metabolic pathways. When it’s my job to tutor these subjects, I always try to express them as parts of a whole, so that these facts can take on a more relevant and interesting feel.

My Approach to Biology Tutoring

For Biology Tutoring the best approach is usually to follow a great textbook for the level of the student. As tricky subjects come up they can be explained in as much detail needed to become clear. For the more interesting topics in biology (I, for example, really like genetics) we can search the web for modern applications and advancements in this field so that a broader understanding can be achieved than what is merely offered by GCSE and A-Level biology. Inspiration here is key. Equally, the easy topics can be quickly breezed over. This learning will usually be accompanied with exam board specific practice papers, so that awesome grades can be achieved before the student even sets foot in the exam room.

Finding the Right Biology Tutor

When tutoring biology I start by forming a good solid relationship with my student. Once we both know, trust and respect each other learning takes place at lightning speed. I tutor A Level biology and GCSE biology in the East of England between Ipswich, Suffolk and Colchester, Essex. I am also available as a biology tutor in Central London. Alternatively, I’m happy to tutor biology at my home in Dedham. Feel free to take a look at my testimonials page, and if you’re ready to book your first lesson contact me here.