I approached Richard during the Spring of last year, as I was looking for some support for my 10 year old son. I was after someone who could inspire and motivate him into a love of learning, and at the same time help us the parents to know the best way our son could improve certain skills. Part of the challenge in the past had been knowing how to help him and understand the best way he could learn. We’d had plenty of frustrating sessions as parents where we’d tried to help with numeracy and literacy but ended up clashing and frustrated. Richard came to our rescue! Once our son had met him, he was immediately engaged. Richard leveled with him and communicated on his level, understanding what motivated him and drove him to achieve a hugely improved attitude and commitment.

We were also after some help for entrance exams to secondary schools, and Richard was able to give our son the tools and confidence to work through these large life events he faced. I liked the way each session was broken up in the middle by a 5 minute boxing session in the garden, and as well as giving our son something to look forward to, it also served as a complete break and a ‘refresh’. Inspired idea!

Our son felt relaxed and confident after his sessions with Richard and able to face the challenges of applying himself in exam situations, as well as giving him valuable skills for SATs and other assessments. I can’t thank Richard enough for his valuable input and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Best regards