Approach to Tutoring

After several years tutoring, I’ve learned that before a teacher can impart effective knowledge to a student a great rapport must first be created. Once this is achieved, knowledge flows almost without effort. Ironically, the biggest boundary I’ve had to teaching is wearing down the formal student / teacher relationship that is so methodically built in schools. To other tutors looking to be successful in their craft I would say first, ‘Learn to be an outstanding friend to your students!’

Every student is unique, and one of the advantages to private tutoring is an educational experience tailored to your child. However, there are some common threads, and my sessions typically include the following ingredients:

  • Building rapport – First.
  • Assessing what the student does and does not know, usually by asking lots of questions or attempting textbook or past paper questions.
  • Lightning fast teaching and practice of the exact areas which the student needs to learn. As soon as one topic is understood, we roll on to a new one.
  • Regular breaks.
  • For the longer sessions a liberal sprinkling of delicious Sencha green tea. The light cafeine elicits a Zen-like focus in both myself and my students.
  • Discussing the week’s independent study, then setting, coordinating and measuring goals.
  • Lots of friendly chat and boyish humour.

I pride myself on delivering an extremely effective service, so I invite you to see the fruits of my labour by inspecting a sample of my supporting testimonials. I am confident enough in my services to always offer the first lesson 100% free.