Earlier this year our son, Aidan, had been told at school that he was being moved down to a lower ability maths class. We were surprised as Aidan is a good student. Aidan explained that his maths teacher had left and the class was being taught by various supply teachers. Aidan said the class had become disruptive and had lost interest.

We decided that Aidan may benefit from private tuition and asked Richard for assistance and weekly tutorials. Richard’s positive approach and encouragement has seen Aidan’s confidence grow and his interest in mathematics return. After a couple of months Aidan was moved up into the higher maths class.

Aidan had mock exams in June and as a result of his score – and being top of the class – Aidan has now been moved into the top maths class. Fantastic result for Aidan, but also for Richard! Thank you very much.

June Rush.