About Richard

Over the last ten years I have lived and worked in three foreign countries: USA, France and then, most recently, Japan. I started my first business when I was 21 at university; it was a small photography enterprise with just two staff. My early success gave me a passion for business, and have earned my living as an entrepreneur since. I now spend half of my week helping people in my life coaching practice, Richard Harris Coaching, and in the other half I coach some fantastic young people through the challenges of their school lives.

I have made a lifetime commitment to learning, and every month I typically get through 6-8 books; half in paper format while the other half are by audio-book in my travelling time. My usual areas of study are psychology (which was my degree subject), philosophy, biographies and anything related to self growth. A brief mention of any of the aforementioned subjects will quickly generate much animation and enthusiasm on my part!

Aside from business and learning, I am a regular attendee of our local gym, and you can often see me running in the mornings around Dedham Vale. I’m a governor at Manningtree High School, and an investor and advisor to the London Institute of Neurofeedback (a fascinating organisation which uses scientifically rigorous neurofeedback technology to all sorts of exciting ends).

I personally enjoy meditation, long walks in the countryside and a passion for quality food. I’ve been a fan of strange diets and healthy eating since my late teens, and love to discuss the latest biohacking tips with other advocates of healthy living.

Teaching Experience

I have been tutoring since 2010. My youngest student was 5 years old learning basic literacy, and my oldest was a mature student in her 40’s requiring help with her psychology degree. I’ve tutored several students through the 11+ exam, and helped many more with their more mainstream SATs GCSEs and A-Levels. Most of my students are taught after school although I tutor a few home school children during the day. My calendar is also peppered with longer ‘intensive courses’ in UK and abroad. Before tutoring, I taught English at a language school in Niigata, Japan.