11 Plus Tutor

Of all the mainstream exams the 11 Plus has to be one of the very hardest to pass. Think about it, it’s an exam designed to separate the most clever 1% from the most clever 1%. You could be the most bright and charming boy or girl in the whole of your primary school, then get totally beaten up by the 11 Plus exam. Indeed, It happens all over the country every single year. Whilst it is true that the 11 Plus is no joke, there are ways to give your child an excellent chance at success, and they all begin right at home.

How Do I Tutor for 11 Plus Success?

There are many free articles (link ‘free articles’ to blog page) that I’ve written on passing the 11 Plus which I wrote with you, the parent, in mind. These articles explain all the tips and strategic advice in far more detail than is possible here. The 11 Plus paper covers topics far beyond the normal primary school syllabus, so the once all regular SATS content has been covered I start the long plough through the extension material. I feel that children aiming for a Grammar School place are by their very nature elite, so as I tutor I like to instil a sense of quiet mastery in my student. This spurs them along, and it gives them a mighty self assuredness.

Finding a Tutor For the 11 Plus

The 11 Plus is one of the few academic challenges that almost always requires the help of an experienced tutor. My advice is to start very early, and to put in a lot of effort outside of school and tutoring sessions. And, of course, make sure that both you and your child really want to do this before you all take the jump. Take a look at what some of my other students say about my 11 Plus Tutoring, and if you’re ready contact me for your absolutely no catches free lesson.