Richard Harris

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

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Private Tutor from Colchester and Ipswich

How I can help

  • To top up classroom learning
  • To get your child excited about education
  • To help your child with a ‘problem’ subject
  • To find a great role model to inspire
  • To enrich and expand the curriculum

High Impact One-To-One Private Tuition

Are you looking to make a substantial, measurable and lasting impact to your child's education? Whether you're looking to turn around a long term 'problem' subject, prepare for an important exam, rise in grades and class sets, or simply get really excited about learning and education, quality private tuition is, quite simply, the most effective solution. I have a track record for delivering transformative results across a wide range of ages and subjects, and I'm excited to help your child achieve academic goals they never thought possible.

More Than One-To-One Tuition for Your Child

I offer more than just extremely fast, fun and effective private tuition. In my relationship-first approach to tutoring, I take pleasure in mentoring your child in the broadest way possible. I passionately believe that exercise, nutrition and effective thinking are key to academic success. For me, these principles are not just academic exercises, but powerful lifestyle choices which are best taught by example. In founding my regional private tutor agency, Tutor Desk, living in three foreign cultures and ongoing exploration into health and fitness, I have become excited about education for goal achievement, and it is with pleasure that I pass these insights on to your child.

Private Tuition From Colchester to the World

I am based in Colchester, Essex, and I deliver local lessons to students from the Colchester, Ipswich and Sudbury area. I also tutor in London and abroad for extended 'crash courses'. I have wide experience in tutoring SATs, 11 plus, school entrance exams, CGSEs and A-Levels. Feel free to see what my current and previous students have to say about my work, and click here to ask me any questions and to book your 100% no-cost first lesson.

About Richard

Super Tutor

Richard offers a unique education experience, where lightning fast academic progress is coupled with personal development coaching and fun. This limited and bespoke service offers not only a dedicated tutor, but a role-model, friend and mentor.

Author of "How to become a private tutor"

Richard's no holds barred guide to setting up your own private tutoring business. In this work, Richard guides novice tutors through all the steps they need to become great tutors.

Co-author of "The book of success"

Serial Author Kizzi Nkwocha approached Richard to co-author 'The Book of Success'. This book collects industry leaders from different fields to give their own tips, strategies and tricks on success.

Founder of Tutor Desk

In 2014, Richard founded his private tutoring agency, Tutor Desk, based on the successful philosophies and strategies of his own tutoring career. Tutor Desk has since helped hundreds families across the East of England achieve their academic goals.

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